See here what clients and models say about us.

"Shortly after receiving an exciting job offer, I contacted Paul and Rosanna to schedule an appointment for a professional headshot. They welcomed me warmly into their home and were very professional. The make-up was great and they took the time to listen to my needs and to educate me about professional photography, too. I must also mention how charming their children are. I was very satisfied with the price and the quality of service. My headshot now is proudly displayed on my LinkedIn profile as a fantastic way to launch my dream career in patent law."
-- Sylvia Y. | Atlanta, GA | 11 Mar. 2013

"It is a pleasure to give Hakimata Photography a great review. From the moment I scheduled the shoot with Paul and his wife, MUA Rosanna, they were absolute professionals. It was a pleasure to see a husband and wife team work so well and collaborate to create beautifully, creative shoots. I highly recommend Hakimata Photography and look forward to working with them again soon."
-- Denise P. | Atlanta, GA | 26 Aug. 2012

"I came to Paul Hakimata Photography to build and update my portfolio. Paul and Rosanna were great! They was extremely accommodating, well organized and friendly. Rosanna was constantly returning to her "bag of tricks" to find creative ways to conceptualize the vision of the shoot. I highly recommend Paul Hakimata Photography!"
-- Porchea C. | Atlanta, GA | 11 Aug. 2012

"I love Hakimata Photography! I have been modeling for about 3 years and I have to say that Paul and Rosanna are by far the best people I have worked with. Professional, nice, very sweet and supporting. I felt so comfortable shooting with them, even when I had to do the bathing suit photo shoot (I'm very shy). The pictures were given to me for printing fast, and the quality was amazing and clear! Make up was so clean, very professional, and I had a great laugh with them. I would shoot with them anytime! Best photographer and make up artist team! Can't go wrong with them! :)"
-- Karen B. | Atlanta, GA | 25 Jan. 2012

"Great shoot! I was pushed to the limit today and amazing photos to prove it! Makeup was amazing! Love to work with them again! Amazing team!"
-- Micah E. | Atlanta, GA | 16 Jan. 2012

"It was an awesome Experience, Very Professional. And the Makeup was amazing and very Clean. Great Team! would definitely recommend to others and would Definitely work with them Again! Love Love Love....working with them!"
-- TerriAnn P. | New York, NY | 16 May 2011

"Highly Recommended I had the pleasure of shooting with Paul and Rosanna last year. Paul was extremely open to my ideas, taking every shot for which I asked, and Rosanna was a great sport, considering my complete inability to stay still during makeup (I'm male). Both were completely professional but mixed in just the right amount of humor to make it a great experience overall. They even invited me to lunch after the shoot and Paul still checks in with me from time to time just to see how my career is going. I'd shoot with them again in a second and hope to in the future."
-- Dave R. | New York, NY | 24 Aug. 2010

"Wow! They rock! Jodi and I had a blast shooting with Paul and Rosanna. They are so professional and so sweet. They are amazing people and we can't wait to work with them again. Xoxo"
-- Nofar A. | New York, NY | 8 Aug. 2010

"Best photoshoots ever!!! This is the second time I had a photoshoot with them and it is always amazing! Rosanna always puts her time and effort in making you look amazing along with making you feel comfortable to be silly. Paul always want you to feel comfortable in your own skin so he will act silly with you. They are a great duo and I believe no one can top them. There's a lot of great people out there but not many people can be great and make you feel comfortable and free at the same time. Thanks for a great time as always!!!"
-- Zarely V. | Orlando, FL | 31 Jul. 2010

"Amazing! I had a great experience with the Hakimata's. They were both so professional and created a warm envrionment. I hope to build my portfolio with them!"
-- Nora B. | New York, NY | 28 Apr. 2010

"One of the best photographer/make-up artists in New York! Paul and Rosanna Hakimata are one of the best photographer/makeup artist combo in New York. When you step into their studio you are immediately put at ease. Paul has a great eye; a terrific sense of style and creativity and he gives you a final product that is nothing short of fabulous. Rosanna has great range in her artistry and can make you look like a glamorous star or give you a neutral palette that is fresh and contemporary. Any flaws that you may have -- disappear under her brush. (As you can tell, I am totally satisfied with their services!)"
-- Marianne L. | New York, NY | 13 Apr. 2010

"Paul's picture's Paul took old family photo's - some over 50, 60, 70 years old and he was able to restore and replicate them perfectly. Paul was even able to clean up some of the damage to the originals. In a prior engagement he took wedding photos live and did a wonderful job of capturing the moment. He was professional, easy to work with and I would recommend him without hesitation."
-- Edward F. | New York, NY | 8 Apr. 2010

"Great Capture Paul was great to work with, he wasn't pressurable or asking for too much. I was impressed at how he captured and retouched my images. I've worked with many photographers in the past, and I can honestly say that Paul is the only photographer that has satisified what I was looking for in my portfolio. I would recommend him to anyone."
-- Naomi A. | New York, NY | 20 Mar. 2010

"A great photographer, easy to work with. Paul is a photographer with lots of visions and creativities. He is also well capable of accepting your ideas and opinions, hence easy to work with. His studio is well established and sufficient. The lighting is excellent, make-up is great option to have and very good reasonable pricing. Highly recommended for New York based actors and models who are looking to improve their head-shots or portfolios."
-- Joe H. | New York, NY | 24 Feb. 2010

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